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Become the instructor of instructors. You have the skill, now learn the leadership.

Become the instructor of instructors. You have the skill, now learn the leadership.

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Become A Krav Maga Universal Affiliate

Get the best education available for both the individual and the school owner. Everything is designed with you in mind. Transform yourself from a practitioner to an expert who not only understands the techniques, but also how they work.

Become An Affiliate near Drexel Hill


Our basic licensing package does not require you to be a Krav Maga Universal affiliate. You will enjoy a network of fellow practitioners, access to a private Facebook group to share ideas, a monthly drill with insights into making your classes more interactive and exciting, discounts on belt testing and rank recognition, and a quarterly newsletter. 

Become An Affiliate near Drexel Hill


Enjoy all the benefits of our basic package PLUS become an official affiliate of Krav Maga Universal. You will receive use of our logo, a listing on our website, a monthly coaching call with one of our directors, and access to beginner and intermediate technique videos. You'll also get discounts on all national and international training events.

Become An Affiliate near Drexel Hill


In addition to receiving all the benefits of an intermediate school owner, you'll also get access to advanced technique videos, lesson plans to build a better depth of knowledge, and tutorials on layering your students' learning. Also included in this level is eligibility to teach at our national and international training events. 

What Makes Us Different?

Krav Maga is recognized as one of the most effective self-defense systems in the world. It's taught internationally to police, military, and fighting forces. From defending yourself against an armed attacker to surviving real-world situations such as carjackings or active shooters, Krav Maga takes a realistic approach to protecting yourself. 

Krav Maga Universal is proud to offer an up-to-date and progressive Krav Maga curriculum that gives you the training, coaching, and strategies you need to be the best. We are a community of instructors united by one idea: to improve the safety, integrity, and lives of our members, and to ignite that special spark in everyday men and women that inspires them to train. 

Get the mindset, tactics, and principles that will build you into an expert in your field. Don't stop at impacting your community -- with Krav Maga Universal, you can change the world

We are a group of dedicated, experienced, and skilled martial arts and combat sports practitioners. Our organization includes counterterrorism experts, law enforcement officers, military personnel, championship fighters, and international leaders. Moms, dads, teachers, and lawyers. Our directors and board members hold advanced rank not only in Krav Maga, but in a variety of martial arts. Who we are transcends belts and certifications -- our mission is to leave a lasting, positive imprint on our communities

Ernie Kirk, who designed the Krav Maga Universal curriculum, has experience in writing Department of Defense-approved training curricula, training local and federal law enforcement agencies, and real-world defensive tactics instruction. 

Krav Maga Universal can give you the same education, depth of knowledge, and instruction

As part of the Krav Maga Universal family, your success is paramount. We can take you to the next level.

The next step in your journey begins here.


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