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Krav Maga Universal and The United States Concealed Carry Association Team Up For Your Safety!


KMU endorses the USCCA as a resource for protecting you and your loved ones in case of legal action against you in the event you have to defend yourself.

The USCCA is predominantly a firearms related organization and works to educate the public about training for Concealed Carry permit holders.

KMU is proud to be the first Martial Arts organization to be involved in a partnership with the USCCA. This demonstrates KMU's pioneering attitude to
viewing ALL aspects of self protection as ONE integrated approach from empty hand, to bladed weapons, firearms, critical first aid and... legal protection.

USCCA was chosen because they have no political agenda other than education and legal protection for people wanting to defend themselves.

For more information and to start a membership that includes legal insurance protection click on the link below.

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