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  • Krav Maga- Things you must know

    Krav Maga- Things you must know

    Hi to all, In the following posts I’m about to discuss some aspects concerning Israeli combat disciplines in general and, Krav-M aga specifically. Hope you’ll enjoy it. 'Krav-Maga' is a term in Hebrew, composed of two words; 'Krav', which means 'Combat', and 'Maga', which means 'Contact'. So, the literal translation of the term 'Krav-Maga' is 'Contact-Combat'. This term is widely used to describe the Israeli authentic combat system, however, there is more than one style of Krav-Maga. Actually Krav-Maga may be practiced in three different forms: 1. As a martial art – in this form the belt (or rank) system is being used, sometimes training will require a traditional or ....

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  • USCCA Partnership

    Krav Maga Universal and The United States Concealed Carry Association Team Up For Your Safety!
    KMU endorses the USCCA as a resource for protecting you and your loved ones in case of legal action against you in the event you have to defend yourself. The USCCA is predominantly a firearms related organization and works to educate the public about training for Concealed Carry permit holders. KMU is proud to be the first Martial Arts organization to be involved in a partnership with the USCCA. This demonstrates KMU's pioneering attitude to viewing ALL aspects of self protection as ONE integrated approach from empty hand, to bladed weapons, firearms, critical first aid and... legal ....

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  • Locations

    Krav Maga Universal Affiliate Program Locations KMU Headquarters Kirk's Martial Arts and Krav Maga 1548 Paoli Pike West Chester, Pennsylvania (610) 459-1933 Premier Martial Arts Newark 800 W Miller St Ste 13 Newark, New York (315) 331-0878 Premier Martial Arts Dover 321 Independence Blvd, Suite B Dover, Delaware (302) 674-1985 Premier Martial Arts 8400 Brodie Lane, Suite 102 Austin, Texas (512) 797-1496 The Coalition 1706 E. Franklin St Chapel Hill, NC (919) 869-7790 Mackavi Martial Arts 5 Preston Rd Griswold, Connecticut Confluence Krav Maga 3685 E ....

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