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We offer a Level 1 Instructor Certification Prerequisite Course online for all clients who are interested in becoming Krav Maga Universal Certified!

Each instructor must first complete an online course. The purpose of the Krav Maga Universal Instructor Course is to prepare instructors how to teach Krav Maga and related techniques to students. It focuses on the ‘how to teach’ as much as anything else. There is also in depth technique review. This is NOT a curriculum college to teach someone how to do Krav Maga. It is expected that each candidate is ranked in Krav Maga but as instructors they must know each technique thoroughly including how to cater for different body types and preferences.

Our Online courses are 4 hours, with Online Theory covering:

  • History of KM
  • The Warm Up
  • Safety in Training
  • The KM Teaching Method
  • Principles of KM
  • Force Continuum
  • The Fence
  • Cooper’s Color Code
  • OODA Loop
  • SIVA and Pre-Attack Indicators

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